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The Ultimate Immune Boosting 7 Day Meal Plan

Boost the body to health and supercharge the immune system with the best nutrition possible.


Redefining Health & Nutrition Globally Since 2019

AGING WITH HEALTH has been offering a wide range of healthcare and wellness services across the globe since 2019. We offer free in-personal consultations with our clients, especially those with diabetes or high blood pressure, to advise them on their cooking habits and dietary intake.

Specializing in herbal medicine, our array of services also includes weight loss management, nutrition management, exercise tips, and Kangen water system.


Fitter . Healthier . Happier

As healthcare professionals, we are aware of the fact that specific nutrient requirements of the human body change drastically as one starts to grow older. Your body begins to lose its natural ability to synthesize and absorb certain elements, causing deficiencies resulting in a decreased quality of life.

The symptoms can start with fatigue, acidity, and headache and gradually progress to serious conditions like gut ailments, diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, and a lot more.

Well, if that’s the case with you, then we feel it is high time for you to seek some professional expertise about how to balance your advancing years with the right kind of nourishment. Here at AGING WITH HEALTH, we make a complete assessment of our client’s food and exercise habits and provide personalized solutions to help them cope with a new phase of life.

Eat Wise, Drop a Size

Weight loss management refers to the art of keeping one’s body weight within the normal Body Mass Index (BMI) range as appropriate for any age, stature, and gender. The program involves a customized dietary and exercise plan and a support system around the person who is trying to reduce weight.

Scientific studies and surveys reveal that people suffering from obesity are more susceptible to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and a plethora of other medical conditions.

AGING WITH HEALTH recognizes the importance of getting rid of the extra ounces in your body through healthier lifestyles, nutrition education and counseling, and several other cutting-edge techniques.


Kangen Water System

It provides purified drinking water manufactured through electrolysis using a specially-designed ionizer. Kangen water has a pH value in excess of 7, making it alkaline in nature and beneficial for health. Its antioxidant and micro-clustering properties keep the body healthy and energetic while also neutralizing the extra acids.

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“Back to Friday September 4th, 2020 my hubby kept complaining of headaches and body soreness for about a couple of days. Something about today was different because he reported feeling as worst as a past illness he suffered. I knew at that moment there was a potential for the virus to present in his body and I know if he had it. I know my self and our two sons would be infected as well. Within 24 hours it was confirmed by testing that he was ill and 48hrs myself and the boys were also confirmed positive with the virus. In panic I didn’t hesitate to give my friend a call to reach Yolie and with urgency she was able to send over different blends of herbs and elderberry drinks for the boys to drink each morning. I didn’t like the Hot Shot vinegar base drink but you felt the difference. Yolie also took particular care in knowing your allergies to switch. I had a few. Yolie’s blends alone helped save my family from the virus. In my case I had to add medication to my course of action to combat the virus. I’m blessed to have had a friend that introduced me to Yolie to which was the Blessing we received by using her herbal blends. Thank you so much!!! I hope your work continues to help many people.”

Bavani Subramanian

“I have had the pleasure of working with Yolie Silva.  Very refreshing to have natural health remedies when we live in a world where prescribing medication is the quick and easy thing to do.  You know you are dealing with an expert when you see Yolie's smiling face.  Her passion comes across in everything she does. For all your health needs Yolie is the best person to work with.”


“My name is Daphne and I'm a nurse.

During the pandemic I got sick, and even had some scare

Yolie suggested trying her natural healing regimen that changed my life.

I have used it and seen how much it worked for me.

I have been able to stay healthy, thanks to God first and foremost but Yolie's natural methods, implementing nutritious herbs and foods she suggested, truly helped during this time.

I have friends and family who could truly attest to this because I have referred them to Yolie when they

got sick, and were grateful for pointing them in the right direction.

I would recommend Yolie to anyone who wishes a healthy lifestyle, I'm a testimony that her plans work”


“I have taken a few of Yolie’s classes and found them to be very helpful and informative.


 Yolie is very passionate about her work and it shows in her presentations.

The recipes she shares in her workshop are delicious and easy to make.


I recommend her workshops and her work to my friends all the time.”

Suzy Ohannessian

“Yolie is one of the most attentive and caring professionals I have ever worked with. Not only is she an expert and a wealth of knowledge in her field of herbalism and holistic medicine and nutrition, she understands that each individual and body is truly unique so she customized a treatment plan specific to my needs. Since we live in the same city, she even delivered and coached me on exactly what to do, and how and when and what not to do. I was up and running in no time! She's truly one of a kind! I can't imagine working with anyone else after my experience with her.”