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Yolie Silva,
Chef & Herbal Nutrition Consultant
My Journey

Hello! I’m Yolie, a strong believer that “it’s never too late” and “one is never too old.” My friends tell me that I’m a courageous woman, but I haven’t always been this way. Growing up, I remember having little courage at all. As I got older, I became conscious of my limiting beliefs, but I knew I wanted to live my truths; make peace with my journey.

Deep inside I always believed I could do it, but it took some unfortunate circumstances for the courage I had to show up. I eventually learned to trust myself and to go after what I wanted –getting my best health was one of them,  after all it wasn’t going to just fall on my lap.

I had my twins at the age of 49 because I believed that I could despite my age, even after I was told by two doctors that I would never conceive again.


AGING WITH HEALTH has been offering a wide range of healthcare and wellness services across the globe since 2019.

We offer free in-personal consultations with our clients, especially those with diabetes or high blood pressure, to advise them on their cooking habits and dietary intake.

Specializing in herbal medicine, our array of services also includes weight loss management, nutrition management, exercise tips, and Kangen water system.


As an Herbalist, Chef, and Empowerment Health Coach, I understand that the human body's nutrient requirements change significantly as we age. With time, our body loses its natural ability to absorb and synthesize specific elements, which can cause deficiencies, leading to a decreased quality of life.
Do you feel exhausted, acidic, or suffer from frequent headaches? These symptoms can progress to more severe conditions like gut ailments, diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, and more. But do not despair my dear! If you are experiencing any of these, it's high time to seek professional guidance on how to balance your advancing years with the right kind of nourishment.
Here at AGING WITH HEALTH, we take pride in our holistic approach to aging gracefully. We provide personalized solutions by assessing your food and exercise habits to help you cope with this new phase of life. As your Herbalist, Chef, and Empowerment Health Coach, I will work with you to create a customized plan tailored to your unique needs, incorporating the right herbs and foods to support optimal health and wellbeing.
Remember, it's never too late to start investing in yourself. Let us embark on this journey together towards healthy aging, one bite at a time!


Weight loss management refers to the art of keeping one’s body weight within the normal Body Mass Index (BMI) range as appropriate for any age, stature, and gender. The program involves a customized dietary and exercise plan and a support system around the person who is trying to reduce weight.
Scientific studies and surveys reveal that people suffering from obesity are more susceptible to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and a plethora of other medical conditions.
AGING WITH HEALTH recognizes the importance of getting rid of the extra ounces in your body through healthier lifestyles, nutrition education and counseling, and several other cutting-edge techniques.


It provides purified drinking water manufactured through electrolysis using a specially-designed ionizer.

Kangen water has a pH value in excess of 7, making it alkaline in nature and beneficial for health. Its antioxidant and micro-clustering properties keep the body healthy and energetic while also neutralizing the extra acids.


Free Consultation

  • 30 min
  • Full assessment
  • Discuss the goals

Weightloss Management

  • Full assessment of client's eating habits and exercise habits
  • Discuss the goals
  • Discuss any health struggles

Nutrition Management

  • Full assessment of the client's eating habits and exercise habits
  • Discuss setting up a customized food menu
  • Discuss the goals

See Current Special

  • Nutritional Consulting & Mentoring
  • Take control of your aging process
  • Recognize patterns of self-sabotage and overcome them

What Our Clients Say!

Sophie T.
United States

I got very sick at the beginning of the school year. I am not sure what causes that sickness but Yolie was there for me. She came to my house and prescribed me some blends of herbs and some nutritional supplements,  and taught me how to make some mixtures myself.

She also did a three month detox, coached me on nutrition, which to remove foods, and which foods to include in my daily regimen that would support my healing. Everything was natural which helped me through this difficult time of my life.

Bavani S.

I have had the pleasure  of working with Yolie Silva.  Very refreshing to have natural health remedies when we live in a world where prescribing medication is the quick and easy thing to do. 

You know you are dealing with an expert when you see Yolie's smiling face.  Her passion comes across in everything she does. For all your health needs Yolie is the best person to work with.

Blase S.
United States

I have taken a few of Yolie’s classes and found them to be very helpful and informative.
 Yolie is very passionate about her work and it shows in her presentations.
The recipes she shares in her workshop are delicious and easy to make.
I recommend her workshops and her work to my friends all the time.


Infinite Health and Abundance with Yolie

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