Meet Yolie Anna Silva

Hello! I’m Yolie Anna, a strong believer that “it’s never too late” and “one is never too old.” My friends tell me that I’m a courageous woman, but I haven’t always been this way. Growing up, I remember having little courage at all. As I got older, I became conscious of my limiting beliefs, but I knew I wanted to live my truths; make peace with my journey.

Deep inside I always believed I could do it, but it took some unfortunate circumstances for the courage I had to show up. I eventually learned to trust myself and to go after what I wanted – after all, it wasn’t going to just fall in my lap. I had my twins at the age of 49 because I believed that I could despite my age, even after I was told by two doctors that I would never conceive again.
I’ve always enjoyed a passion for cooking and for holistic medicine to treat illness in the body. While working in the corporate world, I went back to school to fulfill the dreams I had of becoming a chef and an herbalist. I finally walked away from Corporate America for two reasons. 1) I’m now divorced and a single mom, and I want to spend time with my babies. 2) I needed to reinvent myself while raising twins and living an abundant life.

What Sets Us Apart

Since 2019, I’ve had plans in the works to start an online business – even the pandemic wasn’t going to stop me! When we allow our consciousness to align with what we want in life, the Universe conspires with us – my favorite line is “The Universe is always listening.” We are all wired for growth. We should seek out and run with whatever we’re good at and have a passion for.
I’m always ready to embrace change, and the resulting growth is always a beautiful surprise! I realize that accepting change is not always easy, but I’m willing to give it 100% to achieve my goals. I believe now is the time to reach for Our best health ...our best life, and to take advantage of social media and the internet. Thank you for joining me on this journey.